Come As You Are.

The city street is where we meet, but in our modern society we don’t always pay attention to what’s happening around us. We are so distracted with our lives we sometimes forget about our fellow humans. We lose sight of the fact that we are here together, dealing with similar day to day struggles.

I captured these photos at a time when I was struggling spiritually, mentally, and creatively. Searching for a new beginning, I roamed the downtown streets of San Francisco and Oakland looking for a sign or a connection to what I was feeling through my photography. As I look back, all I really wanted to tell these people was what I wanted to tell myself: that you are not alone, you are loved, and you are enough.

This selection of photos is not meant to evoke sadness or anger, but inspire you to accept and love everyone no matter what race, gender, religion, or political party. 

We are all going through our struggles. We are all a part of the same body of work. Together we are one movement.

- Craig Hackey Jr